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Date: Jun 13th, 2014

How important is a structured training plan?

It’s critical to have structure if I am to peak at key times each year. But I’ve been doing this long enough to allow a little Sally Pearson - Australian Olympianflexibility because you never know when injury or even the flu can strike. Also, there are sponsors to fit in and you can receive invitations that are too good to pass up. So flexibility is as important as structure but not at the expense of performance. It’s a juggling act that my coach, my manager and I have to continually monitor.

Talk us through a typical day’s training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Variation and innovation in training are the keys to longevity in sport. I am lucky in that while I train six days a week, it’s not every day at the track. I have pool sessions, gym sessions, yoga and Pilates to give me variety. There is no typical day except that every day I do two sessions of something!

What role does your coach play?

I have changed coaches this year and it has given me fresh ideas and a renewed motivation. My coach is young and he’s an athlete who trains beside me, so he knows when to ramp it up and back it off. My competitors are doing everything they can to beat me so I can’t sit still and wait for them to catch up. I’ve got to train as if I’m second or third best in the world. My coach is critical to this process. He is continually challenging me to be better. I thrive on the challenge.

What’s the secret to staying motivated when it’s a cold and wet winter morning?

Ha ha…I take much of the grief out of training by living on the Gold Coast. Every day is paradise. However when I head overseas and the weather is tough it is still easy to motivate myself by realising that my competitors are out there. I am not prepared to give them any advantage.

Do you have any set routines before a big race?

No, by the time I get to race day I keep it simple. I try to rest as much as possible during the day and when I get to the track I concentrate on the things that I can influence. I make sure my warm up is efficient and effective and I focus on the job in front of me. I pay no attention to my competitors…there is plenty of time to chat after the race!

How are you planning for life after hurdling?

I think I have some years yet before I contemplate retiring from athletics but for the past few years I have been grabbing every opportunity to experience other avenues and other occupations. I have spent time at radio stations reading the news. I have spent time at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary working with animals, which I am passionate about. My husband and I have been dabbling in real estate on the Gold Coast and we have been building an online business through my company Kwikchik Enterprises. Time will tell.

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