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Being Generous With Your Harvest

At Provision Wealth Management we know that reaping a harvest can bring you joy and also with it a great responsibility. However, every harvest also has the potential to help others, not just yourself. We believe the principles of giving and assisting others in the community. So with that intent, we use some of our harvest to help others and bring joy to their lives.

Provision Wealth Management is committed to seeing young people receive every opportunity to lead successful lives and so we have partnered with SU QLD School Chaplains in bringing hope to a young generation. Provision Wealth Management is proud to be supporters of the SU QLD Chaplaincy service that operates within the Noosa region and in particular with the Chappie’s at Noosa District State High School’s  Cooroy and Pomona campus’s. This much needed support will go directly to supporting chaplains in our local state primary and secondary schools.

School chaplains support young people in one of today’s most high pressure environments: the schoolyard. SU QLD chaplains provide a safe, positive influence for our children. They provide a listening ear and a caring presence for kids in crisis, and those who just need a friend. They also provide support for staff and parents in school communities.

  • Over 60% of Queensland state schools have a ‘chappy’. But that leaves almost 500 state schools without a one!
  • SU QLD has placed chappies in 56% of all Queensland state primary schools and in 87% of all Queensland state high schools.
  • Right now, SU QLD chaplains are serving over 376,000 Queensland students
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